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“Expiring Stock” – Massive Reductions

Overstock Sale:

72% Off Superfoods!

3 Causes for the sale:

1.) Perfect if Utilized by Dates are July & August, 2018

2.) Overstock of 10 serving luggage

3.) Historic Berry is our “Laborious Model”

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Why The sort of Large Sale?

1.) Perfect If Used Through Dates.  The most efficient if utilized by dates at the superfoods is that this July.  The most efficient if utilized by dates at the protein is that this August.  Product will likely be advantageous for a minimum of every other 12 months.  Be informed why by way of observing the above video.

2.) “Laborious Model” of Historic Berry.  We ran 1 spherical of stock the place we used beet juice powder as a substitute of beet root powder.  (juice powder approach we juiced the beets first, after which grew to become it right into a powder.  It’s extra nutritionally dense than common powder.  On the other hand, the juice powder brought about 2 issues, the place other folks throught the product was once unhealthy.  So we determined prevent promoting it and went again to our unique components of the use of beet root powder.  The two issues the juice powder brought about are:

  1. Made the entirety truly sticky.  All of it caught in combination and is now a piece.  You’ll be able to beautiful simply wreck it aside by way of hitting it in opposition to your counter a couple of instances.  Or you’ll simply consume it as a snack.
  2. The colour was an excessively deep pink, nearly a brown.  It wasn’t bight pink like the unique components.  As it was once nearly a brown and difficult, everybody idea the product was once unhealthy.

3.) 10 Serving Luggage.  We have been running with a significant corporate who sought after to deliver our merchandise in at a less expensive worth level.  The one option to accomplish this was once by way of making smaller, 10 serving luggage.  I didn’t like how 2 issues grew to become out, so we by no means went reside with the corporate and also have about 1/2 pallet of each and every in stock.  The two issues I didn’t like have been:

  1. Historic Berry was once the “exhausting model”
  2. Historic Chocolate feels love it’s no longer complete sufficient.  Historic Chocolate is our least dense combine, because of this that 10 servings (which is 10 tablespoons) is far lighter weight than 10 servings of Historic Satisfaction (which is our maximum dense combine).  The similar choice of servings (tablespoons) are in each, the weights are very other.  For the reason that distinction was once so large, I used to be apprehensive other folks wouldn’t perceive this and suppose we have been shorting them.


Scroll left/proper to look 5 other to be had merchandise

Historic Berry and Smoothie Protein have a dropdown field for you to make a choice dimension

Superfood costs shows are for six luggage (e.g. 6 luggage of the ten serving dimension is $24.95 general)!  

Smoothie Protein worth is for 1 unit.

Merchandise To be had

4 Other Superfood Mixes!

Any well being skilled will suggest you to start out consuming superfoods as steadily as conceivable. However we truly don’t consume them up to we must. Why? As it’s no longer that straightforward. Discovering them, blending them, working out how one can use them … what a headache!

However now it’s simple. All of the superfoods in 1 pack. Merely mix them on your smoothie!

10 Serving Superfood Luggage:

We’re promoting those in instances of 6 luggage (60 servings general).  We have been normalling promoting those for $14.95 according to bag ($89.70 for six luggage), however are promoting 6 luggage for $24.95 general.  That’s a bargain of $10.79 according to bag  (~72% off).  

The most efficient if utilized by date published is July, 2018 … however it’ll be excellent for a minimum of every other 12 months. 

The Historic Berry is the “exhausting model”.  That is defined within the above video … however necessarily, this model of Historic Berry used Beet Juice Powder as a substitute of Beet Root Powder, and it made the entirety stick in combination and switch exhausting.  You’ll be able to wreck it aside the use of my approach (hammer / rubber mallet), smack it in opposition to your counter, or put it in a meals processor.  Or you’ll consume it exhausting, as a perfect wholesome snack.

30 Serving Laborious Historic Berry Luggage:

We’ve got a couple of instances of the 30 serving Historic Berry “exhausting model” luggage left. 

We’re promoting those in instances of 6 for $14.95 according to bag ($89.70 general). 

Smoothie Protein:

We’ve got each the 20 serving and 10 serving Smoothie Protein with “Perfect If Used Through” dates of August 2018.

Further Sources

Weight Loss and Anti-Getting older Meal Plan Technique

Are you looking to drop extra pounds?  Learn this newsletter and pick out 1 of three weight reduction choices that we offer.  Click on on any of the photographs under to learn the item.

Ketogenic Vitamin Articles:

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We’ve got over 50 superfood smoothie recipes on our web site. 

Espresso drinkers: take a look at changing all your breakfast with this as a substitute.

Video: Methods to Make Smoothies to Goal Your Well being Issues

Here’s a video the place we will be able to stroll you thru how one can in finding smoothie recipes that focus on your explicit well being issues. 

Video: Methods to Make Espresso with Superfoods + Methods to Make Superfood Keto Espresso

Espresso fans: right here’s a good way to start out creating a superfood keto espresso.  This replaces your meal and provides a number of superfoods in your espresso!


Uncle Jerry

Uncle Jerry misplaced 70 lbs in 7 months.  It’s been over 2.5 years and he’s nonetheless going sturdy!

Uncle Jerry did a smoothie detox his first 4 weeks (handiest drank superfood smoothies, no meals).  After that, he adopted the “intermediate possibility”.

“No longer Hungry.  Misplaced 13lbs in 1 Month.  Higher Power.  No Low Blood Sugar.”

A testimonial from one in all our shoppers who we met at a diet convention in Portland. Her daughter is an NTP (Dietary Treatment Practitioner) and really useful our smoothies to her mother when the smoothie recipes she was once making have been spiking her blood sugar and making her hungry.

Jerry was once advised by way of his physician that he was once about to head on blood power drugs if he didn’t exchange what he was once doing.

Matt Fitzgerald (co-founder of My Diet Consultant) employed Jerry (proprietor of a print brokerage company referred to as Good Spend Media Inc) to print our smoothie Recipe Ebook. Whilst Jerry was once serving to get the recipe guide production-ready for print, he began taking the recommendation of the guide and made his first superfood smoothie. In simply 6-8 weeks, Jerry misplaced 25 lbs and reduced his blood power. His physician discuss with after that went superb and no blood power was once prescribed!

Oasis to Zen Spa Proprietor, Cheri Petroni

“I misplaced 50 lbs, pores and skin cleared up, and were given off anti-depressents, simply by the use of superfood smoothies.”

“Those Recipes fastened by way of Hypothyroid”

“My hypothyroid was once so unhealthy that I’d cross to my automobile and sleep once I had a wreck at paintings. I used to be a cheerleader for a few years together with all the way through highschool and for a certified group. I’ve had such low power and weight acquire the previous few years that I needed to surrender cheer-leading.”


Scroll left/proper to look 5 other to be had merchandise

Historic Berry and Smoothie Protein have a dropdown field for you to make a choice dimension

Superfood costs shows are for six luggage (e.g. 6 luggage of the ten serving dimension is $24.95 general)!  

Smoothie Protein worth is for 1 unit.

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