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Your Zodiac Signal as a Superfood Smoothie | Revive Superfoods

Your Zodiac Sign as a Superfood Smoothie

Human beings have studied the mysteries of the universe for hundreds of years. We’ve got discovered that means in stars, moons, and planets to create a trail that guides us in opposition to our mild.

We’ve matched your zodiac signal with a superfood smoothie to lend a hand carry stability and readability into your existence. Tell us what you assume via tagging us for your Instagram tale with a screenshot of your zodiac smoothie!

Aries: Mango & Papaya

You’re daring, unapologetic, and you assert it how it’s. Some persons are uncomfortable with how blunt you might be – however it’s what makes you distinctive.

Your fit made in heaven is Mango & Papaya smoothie.  A mango smoothie that tastes like royalty and makes you are feeling rejuvenated in and out.

Taurus: Espresso & Cacao

You will be cussed, however it’s since you’re extremely affected person. Your endurance evokes others to do the similar. With a realistic and down to earth center, you stand with resilience within the face of war.

Your absolute best fit is the Espresso & Cacao smoothie. You like the finer issues in existence, and hate being rushed. Sip on a few of that candy mocha smoothie to begin your day easily.

Gemini: Banana & Cacao

You’re extremely adaptable and your interest in opposition to the arena makes you’re keen on the on-the-go way of life. Your existence is stuffed with journey since you’d take a look at anything else as soon as.

Your very best fit is the Banana & Cacao smoothie for a candy begin to your day. This chocolate superfood smoothie will steadily wake you up so you’ll experience your morning.

Most cancers: Cherry & Acai

You assume along with your center greater than your head every so often. You’re authentic, sort, and really feel the whole thing world wide so deeply. You lend your center out regularly since you in reality love serving to other people.

Your candy fit is the Cherry & Acai. This candy and tart smoothie will carry you nearer in your center so you’ll keep targeted all day.

Leo: Dragonfruit & Strawberry

You’re fiercely unswerving in your family members and feature one of the most greatest hearts to proportion. You without problems remind other people in their inside kid and to all the time make time for play.

Your fit is the Dragonfruit & Strawberry smoothie. You’re now not afraid to turn up with just a little extra spunk and love being the focus. This dragonfruit superfood smoothie will mean you can really feel in keep an eye on of your day.

Virgo: Inexperienced Apple & Moringa

You’re regularly misunderstood since you have a tendency to be at the quieter facet. We all know how devoted you might be to the belongings you love. You encourage others to be extra humble.

It’s no secret that your fit is Inexperienced Apple & Moringa. Your willpower is inspiring, however it’s essential to chill out too. This low sugar inexperienced smoothie will mean you can keep targeted to do what’s right for you.

Libra: Strawberry & Banana

You try for stability for your existence. You like being social and your cleverness by no means fails to make other people giggle. You’re the king/queen of compromise, and all the time desires what’s very best for others.

Your fit is the Strawberry & Banana smoothie. Although you search stability, it’s smooth so that you can get your head wrapped up in different issues. This strawberry smoothie will stay you calm and picked up.

Scorpio: Apple & Black Tea

You’re a surprisingly laborious employee that may by no means sacrifice independence and fervour. It’s what makes you stand out. You by no means fail to provoke others and remove darkness from the room along with your power.

Your absolute best fit is the Apple & Black Tea smoothie. As a way to display up proper, you wish to have just a little spice for your existence. This chai smoothie will just do the item to begin your day with a spark.

Sagittarius: Blueberry & Cacao

You’re shameless, proud, and adventurous. Possibly even just a little rebellious. Your optimism and pleasure for existence is contagious to any person for your existence.

Your fiery fit is the Blueberry & Cacao smoothie. You’re all the time on-the-go and all the time down for an journey. This chocolate blueberry smoothie will mean you can keep targeted so that you take note to stick true to your self.

Aquarius: Apple & Matcha (Jamba x Revive Superfoods)

You’re calm and full of life on the similar time. You radiate sure power that evokes others to be themselves. You’ll be able to simply be able to hook up with others.

Your fit is the Apple & Matcha smoothie! This matcha smoothie will provide you with a pep for your step, whilst staying calm, cool and picked up.

Capricorn: Pineapple & Coconut

You could appear easy-going, however your ambition and endurance is admirable to everybody round you. You’re willpower is unrivaled, however it’s additionally essential to chill out every so often.

Your very best fit is the Pineapple & Coconut smoothie. This coconut superfood smoothie will provide you with a easy begin to your morning. Don’t put out of your mind to be affected person with your self.

Pisces: Blueberry & Spirulina

As a water signal, you are feeling feelings deeply. Your love for the humanities like song mean you can to hook up with your inside self. You are feeling your feelings extra regularly than you’d love to admit.

Your smoothie fit is the Blueberry & Spirulina smoothie. Although your feelings might appear overwhelming and blu now and then, this blue spirulina smoothie will mean you can keep grounded all the way through your day.

Including those superfood smoothies in your on a regular basis existence will mean you can really feel that a lot more in keep an eye on of your day. The elements from mom earth will stay you grounded, to facilitate a wholesome go with the flow to lead you all the way through your day.



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