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Shaker Lemon Pie – 101 Cookbooks

In the event you instructed me I may just bake only one more or less pie in existence, it could be this one. A flaky crusted Shaker lemon pie made with complete Meyer lemons sliced razor skinny, macerated in sugar, after which chopped right into a aromatic marmalade bite. I like this pie for its simplicity, however have discovered through the years there are some main points to fixate directly to make it further particular.

shaker lemon pie with a wedge cut out in a glass pie dish

Shaker Lemon Pie: Complete Lemons

The Shaker lemon pie is attributed to the Shaker communities of the nineteenth century. Shakers proceed to be celebrated for frugality and minimizing waste in addition to their superb design, craftsmanship, and agricultural acumen. The defining characteristic of the lemon shaker pie is using the (virtually) all of the lemon – peel, pith, and flesh. The seeds get a move. The Shaker’s weren’t distinctive in using the entire lemon. You notice using complete citrus in quite a few Sicilian muffins and pies as properly.

Why I like This Pie:

The Shaker lemon pie is a amusing pie to make and the payoff is large. You might be rewarded with a pie this is intensely lemony with added size from the interaction between tart chunks, candy custard, and buttery flakiness of the crust. It’s fast within the sense that it doesn’t require a lot lively time. Particularly in case you’re at ease shaping pies and dealing with pie crust dough.

What More or less Lemons for a Shaker Lemon Pie?

The fast solution right here may be very thinly sliced lemons of on the subject of any kind. Make sure that your slices are whisper skinny, that are meant to counter any bitterness you come upon (see picture beneath). You’ll be able to use grocery retailer Lisbon or  Eurekas or different not unusual lemons, however I just about all the time bake this pie with thin-skinned Meyer lemons. They’re very best for this pie. If Meyer lemons are exhausting to come back by means of the place you reside, go for the least pithy lemons you’ll to find. I’m hoping to check out a model someday the use of red variegated lemons – for a red lemonade Shaker pie. I’m imagining the blushy red flesh would make an actual great thing about a pie.
frozen lemon halves in a bowl

The Main points: Texture

A large number of the Shaker lemon pies you notice go away the lemon slices complete – wagon wheel taste. The slices lose construction, cave in and melt as they macerate within the sugar (picture beneath), however I desire to chop the lemons into chunks at this level. This leads to extra of a marmalade texture. I just like the mouthfeel and in addition to find the pie more uncomplicated to slice in a while.thinly sliced lemons macerating in a metal bowl with sugar

Shaker Lemon Pie: Professional-tips

Listed below are a couple of pro-tips for this pie.

  • Glass pie dish: Primary tip, however don’t let this grasp you again from baking a pie these days. In the event you love pie, in the end you’re going to need to rating a tumbler pie dish (picture beneath). It means that you can see the bottom of your pie tackle colour as it’s baking.

    lemon pie cooling on a table

  • Mandolin: Use a mandolin to slice your lemons. Sparsely! The use of the protection guard.This leads to uniform slices, thinner and extra constant than you’re in a position to slice by means of hand.
  • Paintings with self belief: Simply stay going with the method. I feel individuals are intimidated by means of making pie. I’m right here to let you know that even if it’s unhealthy it’s excellent. Simply stay shifting ahead whilst you’re creating a pie. And don’t surrender. I used to be making this pie not too long ago and assembled and formed the entire thing ahead of knowing I forgot so as to add the eggs to the filling. After a second of getting a beaten spirit I took the pie aside, dumped the filling, remixed it with the eggs, and re assembled the pie. It wasn’t as beautiful, it had extra rustic vibes than typically, but it surely used to be some of the best possible pies I’ve baked shortly! Pictured right here.

    a shaker lemon pie with crust turned under in a glass dish

What More or less Pie Crust is Easiest?

I’ve baked lemon Shaker pies the use of a variety of crusts through the years. I went with a home made tough puff pastry crust for some time, however in the end switched to this pie dough. It’s easy to make and leads to a super-flaky all-butter pie crust. It bakes up superbly golden because of a sugar-crusted egg wash previous to baking. I haven’t examined a Shaker lemon pie the use of retailer purchased puff pastry, however I think it’s essential to escape with it? In the event you take a look at, please go away a remark.

partial lemon pie being held at waist level by man

Shaker Lemon Pie: The Filling

The filling is what defines a Shaker lemon pie. You utilize thinly sliced complete lemons and allow them to macerate for hours in granulated sugar. After that, you upload a couple of whisked eggs and anything you’re impressed by means of. That’s your filling. It units up superbly because the pie bakes, and you’ll be able to slice outlined wedges after the pie cools. I love to stay this pie filling straight-forward for essentially the most phase, and usually bake it with out different additions, however there are a couple of diversifications I’ve preferred prior to now.

  • Candied ginger: upload a small handful of well-chopped candied ginger to to the filling in conjunction with the eggs.
  • Lime zest: Upload a little of lime zest to the lemon sugar aggregate previous to macerating. I in particular like the use of Marketplace lime zest right here.
  • A touch of lavender: I used TART Lavender Vinegar within the crust, and in addition allowed the lemons to macerate with a little of lavender. Simply till the flavour used to be well advanced. Got rid of the lavender sprigs and baked. So great! The secret is introducing sufficient taste, however now not too a lot.

shaker lemon pie cooling near a window

What else can I do with the Lemon Shaker Pie Filling?

In the event you’re now not a pie individual, and in case you love the filling – it must style wonderful previous to including the uncooked eggs – there are never-ending tactics to include it into different issues. Let’s communicate it thru.

  • Lemon Shaker Ice Cream Pie: Blind bake a pie crust and make allowance to chill utterly. You’ll be able to both fold one of the crucial lemon-sugar (with out egg) aggregate into softened ice cream, or layer it into the pie crust. Most sensible with toasted almonds, toasted coconut, and freeze.
  • Lemon Shaker Parfait: Trade a little of the lemon-sugar aggregate with yogurt, whipped cream, or ice bream in a tall champagne flute. Refrigerate, freeze, or serve right away.
  • Waffles: Use the filling to your favourite waffle recipe, offsetting the eggs known as for.
  • Lemon Shaker Disintegrate Pie: Prepare pie dough in baking dish for the ground crust. Upload the lemon filling as you might the unique recipe. Rather than the normal most sensible crust, upload a excellent quantity of streusel topping. Freeze for 15. Bake till golden crowned and cooked thru.

shaker lemon pie with a wedge cut out in a glass pie dish

Extra Lemon Recipes

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