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All About Ashwavana – Superfoods Corporate Weblog

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You’ve by no means observed a product like this anyplace else! Ashwavana is the sector’s first ashwagandha hydration beverage. It’s full of robust nootropics and adaptogens to support focal point, spice up productiveness, and assist you to reach a comfortable state. Stay studying to be told extra about Ashwavana & why you must get started consuming it lately!

What is it?

What does Ashwavana imply?

Ashwavana is a mixture of the phrases “Ashwagandha” and “Nirvana.” Ashwagandha is among the number one components in Ashwavana, and consuming it’s like nirvana in a cup. It’s a pure option to a greater day!

What are the components in Ashwavana?

Each and every cup of Ashwavana is full of robust and efficient plant-based components like Ashwagandha, L-Theanine, Rhodiola, Magnesium, Diet D3, and an all-natural mix of eleven superfoods. All of our components are globally-sourced and clinically-studied by way of nutritionists to create an optimum efficiency mix that provides actual effects. Plus, our mix is gluten-free, sugar-free, soy-free, nut-free, dairy-free, and egg-free, in order that everybody can experience Ashwavana and get started reaping the entire superb well being advantages!

What are the benefits?

Ashwavana will:

Raise temper: Components comparable to Rhodiola and Diet D3 paintings to extend the supply of serotonin within the mind[1], leading to a happier you!

Reinforce focal point: L-Theanine works in conjunction with 100mg caffeine (within the Orange Pastime Fruit mix) to assist build up focal point and a spotlight, whilst making you are feeling extra alert and no more drained[2]. Ever get jitters out of your morning espresso? The ones is usually a factor of the previous!

Cut back pressure: Ashwagandha is an adaptogen, which is a substance that is helping the frame take care of pressure[3]. It might additionally assist you to reach extra fulfilling nights of sleep, which is a formidable sleep reducer. You’ll really feel zen sufficient to tackle on a daily basis conveniently!

Spice up force: Ashwagandha is regarded as an aphrodisiac, an herb used to give a boost to sexual need[4]. It additionally helps bodily stamina.

2 flavors & 2 blends

Ashwavana is available in 2 flavors which comprise fairly other blends. We suggest attempting each! The Ashwavana gadget used to be particularly designed to take each variations in combination! Orange Pastime Fruit Ashwavana has 100 mg caffeine, so we recommend consuming it within the morning and early afternoon. Strawberry Ashwavana is caffeine-free and has further magnesium that will help you really feel calm and comfortable. If you are taking the 2 in combination, we recommend having the Strawberry Ashwavana within the afternoon or night.

The best way to use

  1. Upload 1 scoop to 16-20 fluid oz. of water
  2. Stir till mixed (for optimum effects, use our Superfoods Mixer)
  3. Most sensible with a couple of ice cubes and experience
What to expect

When will I see effects?

It is going to take a couple of weeks to your frame to regulate to the adaptogens and nootropics. Adjustments on your psychological and bodily self can occur slowly over the years. We suggest maintaining a log of your power ranges, your temper, and your pressure ranges so that you could notice traits over the years. Consider how nice it’ll really feel to appear again and spot what sure adjustments have came about since starting your Ashwavana adventure.

Whether or not you wish to have to really feel centered, calm, or cheerful, Ashwavana can assist!

On the lookout for extra data and tips about our different superfood merchandise? Take a look at another posts on our weblog!

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