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7 Causes To Drink A Smoothie A Day

7 reasons why you should start drinking a smoothie EVERYDAY


1. Smoothies are the most efficient BREAKFAST

The phrase ‘breakfast’ is derived from actually ‘breaking’ a ‘speedy’. A ‘speedy’ is a duration the place you aren’t eating any meals or energy like in a single day when you’re napping.  

After a (with a bit of luck) extended duration of leisure, our our bodies’ calories retail outlets are depleted, and we get up waiting to refuel for the impending day. A normal North American breakfast may be very carbohydrate-heavy: suppose toasts, truffles, cereal, and bagels. Assume the very first thing we eat within the morning is a bagel. If that’s the case, our physique responds to that top sugar and carbohydrate content material by way of all of a sudden expanding insulin ranges to begin bringing in all that calories (glucose) from the blood into garage and muscle. However what is going up will have to come down, proper?!

Yup, carry at the noon crash and fatigue the place you achieve to your 2d cup of espresso. That is the rebound impact of eating top carbohydrate and sugary breakfasts.

Let’s rewind what occurs once we exchange toast and jam for a Revive Superfoods Smoothie to wreck our in a single day speedy?

Revive Superfood smoothies are a mixture of protein, complicated carbohydrates, fiber, and fats, which our physique takes longer to digest and convert into gasoline. This results in a extra sustained calories burst all over the morning and warding off that noon crash. Call to mind it as being very similar to fueling a automobile with top class fuel this is a lot more energy-efficient and will give you much more mileage ultimately as opposed to common fuel. 

No longer an enormous “breakfast” individual? No worries! Smoothies are a snappy and amusing strategy to building up your nutrient uptake any time of day!

2. Smoothies stay you hydrated

Including 2-3 cups of water (500-750ml) as your base liquid in your Revive Superfoods smoothies is an effective way to begin hydrating for the day forward. On reasonable, maximum adults, particularly those that are lively, aren’t ingesting sufficient fluids frequently. While you drink a smoothie on a daily basis, you might be including in your fluid consumption. Staying hydrated is really helpful for our pores and skin, digestive gadget, and general physique serve as.

Upload in some coconut water to the Mango & Papaya smoothie as your liquid base to beef up the coconut taste and additional hydration!

3. Smoothies are filled with FRUITS & VEGETABLES

Let’s be fair – maximum people aren’t reaching our goal of 6-8 servings of fruit and veggies consistent with day. We would possibly throw some greens in with our dinner, however in the long run, the common same old North American vitamin may be very LOW in fruit and veggies. Revive Superfoods smoothies are an effective way of sneaking extra greens into your vitamin. Take a look at the Espresso & Cacao smoothie, which incorporates cauliflower, or the Blueberry & Cacao smoothie, which is filled with kale! #CruciferousSuperpower. No, however severely, cruciferous greens like kale and broccoli are nutrient-dense greens which are top in micronutrients like calcium, magnesium, b-vitamins, and iron. Discuss superfoods!!

4. Smoothies are pumped with SUPERFOODS & ANTIOXIDANTS

Smoothies are an effective way of boosting your immune, digestive, and pores and skin well being with superfoods and antioxidants. The Mango & Pineapple smoothie incorporates the superfood camu camu powder, which is top in nutrition C, contributing to strengthening the collagen in our pores and skin, enamel teeth, and immune serve as.  

5. Smoothies are CONVENIENT

Revive Superfoods smoothies are mess-free and take not up to 5-minutes to organize! In case you are in a hurry to get to paintings or wired about an upcoming workday, a Revive Superfoods smoothies cup is a nutrient-dense possibility at your fingertips peel, pour, mix and experience! Some of the greatest stumbling blocks that folks say get in the way in which of achieving their well being objectives is TIME. Having ready-to-go smoothies readily available makes it simple to make higher possible choices to your well being. My greatest tip for making your lifestyles even more uncomplicated  wash or rinse your blender straight away after use. Differently, you’ll waste time scrubbing away later within the day. 

6. Smoothies are ECONOMICAL

Buying take-out meals is among the best tactics to tack on additional bills all over the month. Sadly, the ones truffles, bagels, sandwiches to-go begin to upload up. The approximate value of a cafe or to-go breakfast is $7-25 Canadian (1), which would possibly finally end up costing you masses of greenbacks each and every unmarried month.

Revive Superfoods smoothies get started at $7.99 (CAD), $6.99 (USD) consistent with cup your checking account will thanks! 

7. Frozen produce in smoothies assist cut back FOOD WASTE

Opposite to fashionable trust, contemporary isn’t all the time highest on the subject of your produce. Frozen fruit and veggies comprise simply as many vitamins and feature a for much longer shelf lifestyles than contemporary produce. You’ll have had excellent intentions of the use of that package deal of spinach for your refrigerator. Sadly, it went unhealthy and wilted prior to you even had the danger to consume it! Meals waste is maximum frequently within the type of fruit and veggies and contributes to a vital environmental burden. 

With Revive Superfoods, each and every cup is pre-portioned, minimizing meals waste. Plus, all our smoothies are vegan-friendly bonus!  


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Written by way of Sophie Pollon-MacLeod (@dr.sophiepm). Sophie is a Toronto-based Naturopathic Physician who supplies an individualized all-encompassing full-body technique to supporting her sufferers in weight reduction, efficiency, and ache control



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