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Tuesday, July 16, 2024
HomeHealthy FoodMicrocrystalline vs Nano-Hydroxyapatite | Wholesome House Economist

Microcrystalline vs Nano-Hydroxyapatite | Wholesome House Economist

Microcrystalline vs Nano-Hydroxyapatite | Wholesome House Economist

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Exam of the variations between microcrystalline and nano-hydroxyapatite for cover towards dental caries and remineralizing the tooth.

A development I’ve spotted in contemporary months is that purposeful medical doctors and organic dentists are an increasing number of recommending merchandise that comprise nano-hydroxyapatite to their sufferers.

What’s hydroxyapatite, or “HA” as it’s often abbreviated?

HA is slightly merely flooring bone with best the moisture extracted.

Not anything else is added or got rid of.

Hydroxyapatite Protects and Remineralizes Enamel

Analysis printed within the medical literature convincingly demonstrates that hydroxyapatite supplies extremely efficient coverage towards dental caries. It additionally provides advantages for teeth remineralization. (1, 2)

If truth be told, the analysis obviously presentations that hydroxyapatite’s protecting results at the tooth are as excellent or higher than fluoride.

Thus, for the ones wishing to keep away from the organic harm of fluoride publicity, hydroxyapatite is a superb and secure choice.

The query is, what sort?

Is the nano-hydroxyapatite this is in a rising share of fluoride-free, remineralizing oral care merchandise how one can pass?

Let’s have a look.

Microcrystalline vs Nano

Microcrystalline hydroxyapatite is the type of dehydrated bone this is flooring to as advantageous a particle dimension as will also be carried out routinely.

Nano-hydroxyapatite is one thing else completely…the particle dimension is hugely smaller than the microcrystallized shape.

How a lot smaller?

“Nano” is 1000 occasions smaller than “micro”. (3)

If truth be told, nanoparticles are so small that they may be able to simply breach the partitions of cells or even the nuclear membrane inside a unmarried mobile itself…the place DNA is positioned.

Advantages and Dangers

Whilst microcrystalline hydroxyapatite is 100% secure to be used in oral care merchandise (right here’s the place I am getting mine), it’s best to keep away from the nano model.

Analysis so far means that there are dangers for mutations to DNA. This happens from the breaching of the nanoparticles previous the nuclear membranes of person cells.

Please observe that It’s not that i am wondering the analysis on nano-hydroxyapatite.

The advantages are slightly compelling and credible in that it’s certainly useful in protective towards cavities in addition to for remineralization functions.

On the other hand, there’s RISK in the usage of nano-hydroxyapatite as neatly. Some choice practitioners are glossing over those risks by means of recommending merchandise containing them.

Briefly, growth within the overview of well being dangers from nanoparticles, aka “nano-toxicology”, is being a long way outstripped by means of the speedy advances in nano-technology itself. (4)

Thus, good customers could be neatly urged to make use of warning with merchandise containing nano-hydroxyapatite else they’ll finally end up as guinea pigs for this know-how.

Whilst anticipated advantages from nano-hydroxyapatite might happen, the unintended effects may well be a long way worse than teeth decay!

Probably the most dangers from nanoparticles are already known within the literature. Dr. Al Danenberg DDS warns about those risks which come with cytotoxicity, harm, and mutations to cell DNA. (5)

This happens because of the breaching of the nuclear membrane (now not simply the mobile membrane as mentioned within the pro-nanoparticle analysis!).

Nano-Hydroxyapatite Is Now not Herbal

Briefly, the place microcrystalline hydroxyapatite is a herbal substance with a particle dimension that the frame acknowledges and will care for, nano-hydroxyapatite isn’t.

Nano-hydroxyapatite is the bogus type of hydroxyapatite with confirmed advantages however various unknown dangers to the integrity of your DNA.

The particle dimension of nano-hydroxyapatite (or any nanoparticle for that subject) is so tiny that it simply breaches the blood-brain barrier in addition to the nuclear member protective the DNA of each mobile.


In final, you will need to know that whilst research display nano-hydroxyapatite to be efficacious, it has now not been confirmed secure.

Thus, if you want to experience the advantages of remineralizing hydroxyapatite to your oral care merchandise, keep on with firms that best use the microcrystalline shape.

As of this writing, I best know of 1 corporate that provides most of these merchandise.

That is the hydroxyapatite teeth powder that I exploit and counsel that comprises the secure particle (non-nano) shape.

Do you want to make your personal teeth powder?

This bag of microcrystalline hydroxyapatite is very best for the DIY oral care recipes you’re making at house.

In the end, what to do with practitioners who’re recommending nano-hydroxyapatite merchandise for you or your kids?

If it had been me on this state of affairs, I might courteously say no.

The scientific analysis merely does now not beef up the protection of nanoparticles for human DNA.

hydroxyapatite with tooth brush on blue background


(1, 3) Nano or No-No? Hydroxyapatite Particle Dimension Issues…

(2) Medical assets of Hydroxyapatite for Oral Well being

(4) Nano-technology and Nano-toxicology

(5) Managing Well being by means of Minding Your Intestine (and Mouth) Microbiome (beginning at 1:11)



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